Simon Dickie Shooting


Selecting the correct clothing is essential to having an enjoyable day in the field.  Typical of a winters day anywhere in New Zealand be prepared for all weather, even the odd drive in the snow.  Pheasant are essentially wild birds and are therefore wary of loud noise and bright colours. Excessive noise in getting to your peg then stripping down to a checked white viyella shirt may mean your neighbour gets all the shooting as birds will avoid your conspicuous position!

Trousers & Breeks

A lot of guns wear tweed breeks as they are warm and comfortable for walking or standing. Long trousers are fine, maybe corduroy or moleskin preferably in darker natural colours that suit the shooting environment.


We are spoilt for choice with the variety of jackets now available, whether you choose the more traditional tweed jacket or a modern technical garment that has a waterproof and breathable membrane. Most importantly, fit is everything! -make sure it doesn't inhibit a smooth gun mount.


Although we try to get you on your pegs without walking through muddy rough ground it is advisable especially after a rain event to wear long rubber wellington boots or sturdy leather walking boots with gaiters are another popular option.


For tradition a tie is worn, along with long shooting socks and garters that come in every colour and pattern. Many guns choose to remove their jacket and shoot in a shooting waistcoat; this is purely a personal choice. It is advisable to wear a hat and gloves: a tweed flat cap or trilby style type hat keeps the sun and rain off your face; gloves will keep you warm on a cold day and help to protect your hands from hot barrels if you find yourself in the "hot peg."

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