Simon Dickie Shooting


Totara Lodge ShootingShoot owner Simon Dickie has had a lifetime of sporting excellence from being a double Olympic gold medallist to establishing one of the country’s most legendry sporting lodges. Driven shooting is now his passion and apart from organising and hosting over 40 days on his own shoot in Taupo New Zealand he is likely to be found with his Purdeys, escorting a group of guns through the dove fields of Argentina or duck marshes of Uruguay. Simon personally runs each shoot day ensuring a relaxed yet highly professional atmosphere. Simon has created a traditional English shoot by replicating the details he has experienced on his many driven shooting trips to the UK.

Simon Dickie Shooting is based on the historic Totara Lodge Estate, where the last of The Taupo Totara Timber Company mills has been recently restored.  The Mill is now used as the shoot pavilion and base for the sporting clays target range.  Totara Lodge covers 4,000 acres of diverse habitat: from steep rocky bluffs to marshy margins of spring fed streams meandering through pasture land; from planted native wood lots to large winter kale crops.  All offering extensive habitat and an abundance of natural feed and perfect holding cover for the birds.  The shoot is a mix of released pheasants, partridges and guinea fowl as well as significant numbers of wild birds carried over from previous years.  For Walked-up shooting around the edges of the estate, we use exclusively english bred and trained cocker spaniels who love nothing better than working the tight cover, often right at your feet, to flush our those cackling long tailers!

The Totara Lodge Shoot has full time keepers led by our English head keeper William Cox. He brings an extraordinary knowledge of game bird management, habitat enhancement and predator control quite apart from being great countryman.

Great birds do make for a great day, but the ultimate way to ensure a memorable experience is to have great hospitality.

The Mill with its roaring fireplace is where the shooting day begins and to which all return after their time in the field. First class food and wine to complement the days shooting further enhances the Simon Dickie Shooting experience.

The success of the Simon Dickie shoot lies in the management and team work of all involved, from the early planning stages, through to the day itself. Everyone works extremely hard to provide a truly memorable experience.