Simon Dickie Shooting

Shoot Day Info

Shoot DayNon Shooting Guests

We welcome non shooting guests to accompany the gun and enjoy shoot day, including all hospitality. Some prior notice would be appreciated for catering arrangements.


Well behaved dogs are most welcome on shoot day. It is most important to keep them pegged during a drive if you feel there is any possibility of them running in. Once the drive is over guns will have the opportunity to work their dogs and pick whatever they wish provided you keep a count and work in with our picking up team.


Everyone is welcome to use their own 4WD vehicle. If you travel to the shoot by car or helicopter, there is always a couple of spaces available with Simon, we also have 2 Landrover Defenders 110 that are suitable to take 4 guns with plenty of space in the back for dogs.

Licences & Indemnity

All guns who shoot with Simon Dickie Shooting must have a current licence issued by Fish & Game. A requirement of the game preserve status is that the licensee number, name, and address details are all recorded. These details are to be presented to Simon before the briefing.

All people entering the property for the purposes of shooting will be required to sign an indemnity form.


In the most unlikely event of extremely bad weather i.e. mist or fog making it dangerous for guns and staff, or continual days of heavy rain making the birds saturated and unable to present as sporting, we would attempt to reschedule a day that tried to suit everyone. This of course is a last resort and has never happened before. We will not refund but will work with the guns to reach a mutually suitable outcome.


Safety As " THE FATHERS ADVICE" says ALL THE PHEASANTS EVER BRED WON'T REPLACE ONE MAN DEAD. We must all be very aware of the potential danger a loaded shotgun can pose if used in an unsafe manner, there can be no compromise on gun safety. Read More
Etiquette & Manners Etiquette defines what you can do during a day in the field, Manners is how you do it. Read More
Gratuities & Fines *GRATUITIES* - It would be appreciated if at the end of the last drive for the day you take time to thank the beaters and pickers. More importantly guns might choose to reward the gamekeeper for a great days sport. Read More
Guns & Ammunition *GUNS* - Only side by side and over and under shotguns may be used on the shoot. Usually Guns use 12, 20 or 28 bore shot guns. Read More
Instructors & Loaders We are fortunate in having available the services of experienced clay and driven game shooting instructors. No matter how experienced a shot you may be, having an instructor for the day soon rectifies any bad shooting habits you may have developed. Read More
Hospitality Freshly brewed coffee and warm ham & cheese croissants in front of the roaring fire at the shoot pavilion is the perfect start to the day. Read More
Order of the Day Each shoot day is special whether it be a large high bird day or a relaxed walk up. We make sure our guns who have taken precious time out of their busy schedules enjoy a day out in the countryside that is seamlessly organised, with excellent hospitality, and most importantly their experience with us exceeds their expectation! Read More